Hello and welcome to Farfalla de la Luna Designs. My name is Jennifer and I am an artist, writer and photographer when I am not working at my “regular” job.

Essential Oils have played a role in my health care regime with Chronic Lyme disease and subsidiary co-infections and the autoimmune challenges that have come along with them. This idea all started with a gift for a friend when I custom painted an essential oil box in a theme that she loved. I then painted another for a family member and I found that I loved making these beautiful wood boxes and using a 3 dimensional object as my canvas. I am excited that people who are passionate about essential oils can have unique, one-of-a-kind works of art to store their oils in.

All my boxes are high quality wood and are not the cheap balsa wood. I use acrylic paints, polyurethane varnish, decorative paper and decoupage sealant.  Boxes hold 25 essential oil bottles, both 5ml and 15ml.

As I expand my creativity I am looking forward to offering art and photography prints.

Thank you for visiting,

Jennifer ~Farfalla de la Luna  (butterfly of the moon) lunamoth

My Etsy Shop


“Pink Refrain”

"Majestic Plume"
“Majestic Plume”


“Seattle Rain”


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